Brian w/ Sled
I have my own company consulting company called Unified IT Systems.  We specialize in IT architecture
with a focus on network, security, communication, business, and application architecture.  I can be found
at for more information on my background and what I do.  My goal
this year is to write a Communications Architecture book and to blog more.  
I love to spend time outdoors, esp in the BWCA and Voyageurs NPS in northern Minnesota.  Hiking,
biking, canoing, X-skiing, and camping.  Some of the best trips are in the late fall and winter.
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Sorell w/ Pack
Sorell's Page
Yard in Summer
My brother, Wes, lives with his wife, Diana, and two sons, Arlen & Rocky, in Madison WI.
My mother, Wendy, lives 15 minutes away in White Bear Lake and teaches at Metro State.  She also
has a beautiful lake home on Lake Michigan where she spends the summers.
My father, William, lives with his wife, Julia, in Wayne NE.  He teaches at Wayne State College and
spends his summers traveling to all parts of the world.